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  • Show your business

    Show your business with the new breathtaking experience of working together on a large interactive surface. Ideal for demanding applications such as project presentations, conferences, maps with POI or sharing documents and files dynamically and engagingly.

  • Latest materials and technologies

    The ultimate extra bright security glass, ultra transparent and with a special anti-reflective and smooth touch coating togheter with the best multitouch technology, many tens of simultaneous touches, with a new touch detection concept. It’s waterproof and perfectly working with gloved hands, markers, and many other common tools.

  • Work togheter with your preferred device

    The T3 multi-touch table can interact with your preferred tablet, smartphone or laptop in many different way. You can share content on your device directly on the table or take the control of what is shown on the table from a dedicated app or from every HTML5 enabled device.

  • Bigger is better

    The very large size of multi-touch table T3 allows interactions that are simply not possible with smaller touch displays. Imagine showing the entire project design, from every perspective – not only few details –  with all  your team around the table, taking note directly on the screen exactly like working with pencil on your A4 paper sheet.