The meeting room table


The T5 multi touch table is the most innovative solution for meeting and huddle rooms.
It’s designed so that people sitting around the table can comfortably reach the central touch area from any position.
In a sleek metal design the table structure is ergonomic (from 6 up to 10 people) and includes a high performance controller based on the latest Intel CPU. A professional, high brightness 65” LCD, with a pin-sharp resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and extended viewing angles, delivers perfectly smooth and vivid images, with high-quality content, even at the extreme angles  for the people seated around the table. In addition, it comes with four side connection bays equipped with power supply, video signal and data connections.
The table surface is a clear transparent multi touch glass with 40 simultaneous touch, pressure and palm recognition. All around the edge of the glass is a 20 cm surface in acrylic nanotech resin, that is anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, antibacterial, with a soft feeling matt finish. As an option it’s possible to equip the T5 with a wireless charger for mobile phones and smart devices that are hidden below the surface.
The T5 multi touch table can be joined with a squared extension to build a longer table. The base table and the extension can be joined with additional modules to compose different table layouts including L and U shapes.



the presentation tables

TT-TOUCHTABLE-T3-092            TT-TOUCHTABLE-T3-110



With this new product, TT Visual Design fulfils the technological challenge to revolutionise operating and collaborative environments.
The multi-touch T3 table is based on proprietary LCD LED technology with the lowest junction edge (only 3.5mm) and equipped with special solutions for image processing, heat dissipation and uniform brightness level. This technology is built in a robust metal chassis, customisable in various colours and finishes, specifically designed to give the table a single last generation multi-touch surface.
Ideal for all types of businesses and operating environments where it is necessary to manage and exchange information, interact with videos, maps, design drawings or present industrial and multimedia contents. This range of multi-touch tables opens scenarios unimaginable until recent times.
The modularity of the system makes it usable for various formats and contents, without exception, ensuring better operations in different environments, with the ability to handle tens of touches simultaneously.


  • Show your business

    Show your business with the new breathtaking experience of working together on a large interactive surface. Ideal for demanding applications such as meeting rooms, huddle rooms, project presentations, conferences, maps with POI or sharing documents and files dynamically and engagingly.

  • Latest materials and technologies

    The ultimate extra bright security glass, ultra transparent and with a special anti-reflective and smooth touch coating together with the best multitouch technology, tens of simultaneous touches, with a new touch detection concept. Nanotechnologies to deliver the most rugged and elegant table surface done with special treatment  acrylic resins make out tables waterproof and working also with …

  • Share and BYOD

    With the eMT software platform every TT  multi-touch table can interact with your preferred BYOD system, bringing in the table trough an high performance HDMI input you can easily enjoy your personal smartphone, tablet or laptop directly on the table surface. Once it’s on the table you can manipulate the window and annotate on top …

  • Collaboration on large surface

    The very large size of our multi-touch table allows multiple interactions that are not possible with smaller touch displays. Imagine showing the an entire high resolution project to your team and customers, together with some video, render and an excel document with the to-do list. This is possible only on our larger size table with …